Not all jobs go to plan

#Cramlington #LocksmithService were called to what seemed at first to be a standard job a door cylinder sticking with the customer worried that the component might fail and lock them out or in as the case might be!

After checking the cylinder lock it appeared to be sticking as was 1st reported however the actual problem was that it had been fitted slightly off centre when originally installed and this had caused a problem to arise over the years and had worn a component on the main gearbox of the door causing the lock to stick and extra pressure on the gearbox had created a domino effect hence the now very difficult to open and close locking mechanism.

From what was initially a run of the mill cylinder change #CramlingtonLocksmithService now had to replace the centre gearbox and fit a new #eurocylinder to cure the problem once and for all.

After fully servicing the door new parts fitted and all checked and working as good as new the job was finished.

It shows that you never really know until you get to a job the full reason behind a failure.

The total price for this job ,gearbox ,cylinder, anti snap screw full service and fitting came in at £159.99 and this was principally because the gearbox in question was an unusual one.

The customer was happy that the job got done at the end of the day far better than being in a locked out situation with a bad gearbox and possibly needing handles after a difficult entry.

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