Very nasty job today.

Last week Cramlington Locksmith Service were asked by a local estate agent to secure an empty property in Newcastle East End after a break in.

When we attended the job it was very clear that the previous tenants had not cared a hoot about the place, bags of rubbish strewn all over and cracked panes of glass boarded over and the smell was terrible, but it is part of a locksmiths life to get on with it.

The job was to secure the back door after the break in so a 5 lever mortice lock was quickly fitted and secured and with the job completed we got out of dodge in double quick time.

Not all jobs are pleasant, you meet some nice people as a local community locksmith but you also see the bad side of life and customers with trouble that you would not want for yourself.

All you can do is your best to help make a bad situation better.

You come away from jobs like that and want to burn your clothes and get a tetanus jab but it is a situation that can come about so easily and until you attend a job you never really know what you are walking in to, not for the faint hearted i promise you.

When you need the services of a local low cost locksmith near me think Cramlington Locksmith Service.

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